le 27 juin

Another busy day!!

The gym is ready, looks amazing. We did a run through of the ceremony this afternoon, should be good. Thanks to the parents for their hard work after we were done. Doors open at 5:30pm this evening. Students need to be seated and ready to go for 6:00pm. Once clean up is done after the ceremony, the mixing, mingling and munching will go on until about 8:00pm when parents will be asked to leave (don’t go far!) and the dance will begin. It is over promptly at 9:00pm, that is when can pick up your child. Students will not be dismissed without a parent.

Cultus Lake is tomorrow!!! Regular arrival time is fine, bus leaves at 9:00am. Please ensure your child is prepared with everything they will need to have a good day. Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, clothes, sandals, either a packed lunch or money for food. We always have a giant bag of lost clothes so only send what is most needed. It looks like it’s going to be a nice day!

Please also don’t forget that we get back late, 5:45pm! Students are expected to ride the bus back to JKE. Should you wish to make alternate plans, I require written consent from you (i.e. staying later, being picked up by you/someone).

Thanks! See some of you this evening!

le 26 juin

What a spectacular weekend! I hope you were able to enjoy it in some way 🙂

Today was Set Up Day #1 for Farewell. It went quite well, the gym is looking quite Disney. Kudos to the 6s for being patient and entertaining themselves today. They are advised to bring something to amuse themselves for tomorrow, at least half the day.

Set Up Day #2 is tomorrow. We have until lunch. We will then do a run through of the ceremony, and then the gym gets turned over to the parents for the final set up.

Class Auction is tomorrow. We are lacking in items. If you have yet to donate anything, and are able, we would really appreciate something.

Wednesday is Cultus Lake, please remember that we get back late that day, around 5:30pm.

Thursday is a half day, 12:00pm dismissal. And then it’s SUMMER VACATION!!! Yahoo!

le 23 juin

There are 3.5 days left of school!! Woot woot!

Thanks to Cam for organizing a super fun class party for today! Thanks to everyone who brought in yumyums to share, we were very well-fed this afternoon.

Head’s up to what next week looks like:

  • Lundi: classroom clean up- bring an extra bag or 2 to bring stuff home
    • Decorating for grade 7 farewell begins
  • Mardi: More farewell decorating
    • Class Auction
  • Mercredi- CULTUS!
  • Jeudi- half day- 9am Farewell Assembly, 12pm Dismissal

If possible, I could use a few more items for the class auction. Thank you to those that have already donated something.

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the sun!!!

le 22 juin

What a super awesome day!!!

Thank you so much to Mr Baker for coming in and talking to our grade 7s about illegal substances today. As an officer for 15 years, he shared some valuable information about the dangers of drug use (even just trying ONCE), and most importantly in my opinion, that you should always have a strategy to get yourself out of a situation you don’t want to be in. I really hope the students found it as valuable as the adults did. It was not meant to scare the students in any way, but to educate them about possible situations they might find themselves in and how to best handle it.

As well, the students performed their dance routines for the class. They were amazing! I could even say grade 7 farewell/end of the school year slideshow amazing 😉

And lastly, the class party WATER FIGHT!!! We had the perfect day for it, it was warm so the water was refreshing, but not sweltering. Thank you to Luke and Jacob (with help from Elijah) for organizing it, and for everyone who brought in yum yums to share. We had a super awesome afternoon. It was fantastic to watch everyone soak each other 🙂

Tomorrow we are having ANOTHER class party!!! We will be watching the second Harry Potter (YAHOO!) and enjoying each others’ company. If you are able to supply some yum yums (again) to share, we would very much appreciate it. I will be sending out an email permission form for the movie so watch (very shortly) for that. Thanks to Cam for organizing.

le 21 juin

What a beautiful National Aboriginal Day assembly we had today. It was full of music, inspiring words and amazing works by students. So touching.

Tomorrow is a big day:

CLASS PARTY! Please bring a water gun (if you have one), a change of clothes and a towel, and yum yums to share (if possible).

Just Dance presentations are also tomorrow. I am SO excited to see the groups perform!

Also, items for the class auction next week. $5 goodies, like gift cards, food items and anything really! Thank you in advance for your contribution!

le 16 juin

Saw all but 3 of our Egyptian Gods projects today. Last 3 groups will go Monday morning.

Les Devoirs:

  • pink sheet re: Class Auction
  • Outstanding work due Monday
  • Education Physique lundi
  • Sports Day mardi (weather pending)

le 15 juin

Talent Show was today. Congrats to Ariana and Cam who performed wonderfully!!!

We finished our Soundtrack of my Life presentations today, on to Egyptian Gods and Kandinsky projects tomorrow!

Les Devoirs:

  • Diner chaud demain
  • Orchestre demain (bring instrument to clean and music to sort)
  • No enrichment

If you haven’t check TeacherEase in a while you may want to do so to ensure your child doesn’t have any outstanding work. I am in the process of marking and writing report cards. Any work not submitted by end of day Monday will be counted as a zero towards third term marks. Thanks!

le 14 juin

WE PLAYED QUIDDITCH TODAY!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!! Thanks to Miss Markin who let us use the UBC Quidditch team equipment she borrowed from them. It was so fun!

We also got through half of our Soundtrack of My Life presentations today. It’s great to see all the different songs being chosen by the students. We are seeing some deep analyses! We will finish the rest tomorrow.

Les Devoirs:

  • Egyptian God/Goddess projects and presentations tomorrow. There will be a work period.
  • Talent Show demain
  • Kandinsky Art Projects due vendredi, oral artist statements will happen vended, refer to your pink criteria sheet
  • diner chaud vendredi


le 13 juin

Matinee Band Concert this afternoon, it was so nice to see many parents. Hoping the rest can make it tonight. The bands sounded awesome!

Please wear black or white and arrive between 6:30 and 6:45pm. We will start in our class and move if we need to, I will have more information tonight. Remember that students will not be allowed to leave by themselves.

Les Devoirs:

  • Soundtrack of my Life and Ecriture Francaise due demain (you can access Office 365 AT HOME, no excuses!
  • Cultus permission and $ due demain
  • Religion Egyptien projet due jeudi