le 29 juin


First and foremost, what a year. The students of Division 2 have been amazing!!! They started as a strong group and have ended as an unstoppable machine! I don’t have enough words to express how proud and impressed I am of their effort and growth this year. I know that next year and in the many to come they will accomplish great things.

Today was a busy half day. We started with our farewell assembly. The grade 7s were amazing at leading a camp song for the whole school. I received a lot of very positive feedback from other staff about how awesome it was. The grade 6s then got promoted to the benches, a very important milestone. After recess the grade 7s got their yearbooks and spent some time signing and mingling with their peers. Thanks to the 6s who took decorations off the wall, then we had a little snack and quiet time in our room. I thanked them for being so wonderful these last few weeks with farewell and everything. Hopefully they are excited for their turn next year.

Just a reminder that report cards are online this term. You should have received an email from MyEdBC (or the school) on how to access them. If not, please contact Mrs Sollows at the office for assistance. If you would like a printed copy, you can request one from Mrs Sollows.

Parents, I am so deeply thankful for all of your support, assistance and hard work this year. I know that as hard as your child has worked, your load was probably 100 times larger. From driving to field trips, supplying yumyums for parties and other occasions, helping at hot lunch or other PAC events, to simply providing your child with what they needed each day to succeed, your job was never-ending, and I have appreciated it everyday. Without you, your child and I would not have had the year we did. So while your child gets to celebrate with summer vacation, please celebrate yourselves as well, because you have earned it!

Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful gifts. I am so touched by your generosity and thoughtfulness. Not only have I been completely spoiled, but so has my soon-to-arrive little one, who technically has spent quite a bit of time with your child 🙂 I cannot wait to use all of the wonderful goodies and will cherish them and think fondly of you wonderful families.

I wish you all a very safe and happy summer break. I hope it is filled with friends, family, sunshine and wonderful memories. I know that in September, be it at JKE, or at WGSS or whatever high school, these students will be ready and willing to face the new challenges that await them.

While this is technically the last blog post of the year, I will of course post during the summer when I am officially a mom, so stay tuned. Hugs, and thanks again!!!!