le 26 juin

What a spectacular weekend! I hope you were able to enjoy it in some way 🙂

Today was Set Up Day #1 for Farewell. It went quite well, the gym is looking quite Disney. Kudos to the 6s for being patient and entertaining themselves today. They are advised to bring something to amuse themselves for tomorrow, at least half the day.

Set Up Day #2 is tomorrow. We have until lunch. We will then do a run through of the ceremony, and then the gym gets turned over to the parents for the final set up.

Class Auction is tomorrow. We are lacking in items. If you have yet to donate anything, and are able, we would really appreciate something.

Wednesday is Cultus Lake, please remember that we get back late that day, around 5:30pm.

Thursday is a half day, 12:00pm dismissal. And then it’s SUMMER VACATION!!! Yahoo!