le 22 juin

What a super awesome day!!!

Thank you so much to Mr Baker for coming in and talking to our grade 7s about illegal substances today. As an officer for 15 years, he shared some valuable information about the dangers of drug use (even just trying ONCE), and most importantly in my opinion, that you should always have a strategy to get yourself out of a situation you don’t want to be in. I really hope the students found it as valuable as the adults did. It was not meant to scare the students in any way, but to educate them about possible situations they might find themselves in and how to best handle it.

As well, the students performed their dance routines for the class. They were amazing! I could even say grade 7 farewell/end of the school year slideshow amazing 😉

And lastly, the class party WATER FIGHT!!! We had the perfect day for it, it was warm so the water was refreshing, but not sweltering. Thank you to Luke and Jacob (with help from Elijah) for organizing it, and for everyone who brought in yum yums to share. We had a super awesome afternoon. It was fantastic to watch everyone soak each other 🙂

Tomorrow we are having ANOTHER class party!!! We will be watching the second Harry Potter (YAHOO!) and enjoying each others’ company. If you are able to supply some yum yums (again) to share, we would very much appreciate it. I will be sending out an email permission form for the movie so watch (very shortly) for that. Thanks to Cam for organizing.