le 1 mars

I’m back! Thank you very much to the class who received very good praise from the TOC for their behaviour while I was away.

Second term conferences are next week, Wednesday and Thursday. Sign ups are online at http://www.jke.schoolappointments.com

Les Devoirs:

  • Math: Fraction/Decimals/Percents due demain
  • Komagata Maru Questions for Understanding due demain
  • Gr 7 Course Selection sheets due lundi

The Camp Jubilee Meeting last Thursday went very well, basically, any basic information you may need can be found on their website (here). Some highlights I thought I would share: the cabins are heated, bathroom inside cabins, shower buildings elsewhere, there is hot water, food is served buffet style, kid friendly, there is a separate kitchen and chef for the special dietary needs and there is a boat and driver available at camp 24 hour for emergencies (both behaviour and health).

The large camp package with the packing list and all forms to be completed will be going out after Spring Break.