le 23 février

Gr 7 Camp Jubilee Meeting this evening at 6pm. A representative from Camp Jubilee will be there to share information about the camp. If you cannot make it I will post what I can on here at a later time.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain- jour de congé
  • lundi- Les Maths pg 88-100 PAS 3bc, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13
    • education physique

Thank you to all the families who helped make Staff Appreciation Week absolutely incredible!!! Your generosity and kind hearts really warmed our hearts (and filled our bellies). It will be tough to go back to making and bringing my own food… 🙂

Have a wonderful long weekend!

le 21 février

Yesterday I wrote that the Gr 7 Camp Jubilee Meeting was at 7pm tomorrow, but that was an error, it is at 6pm. A notice went home today about the meeting, the next payment ($75) due on March 3, and the final total cost of camp.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique, Pink Shirt Day, Math Eval (mixed numbers and improper fractions) demain
  • jeudi- Gr 7 Camp Jubilee Mtg à 6h00
  • vendredi- jour de congé

le 20 février

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

WGSS came to visit the grade 7s today, including some former students. We learned lots about course selections for next year, we saw some examples made in the different electives, and received the important forms required for course selection. Students were asked by Mr Koslovic to look over all the forms and the course selection book with their parents and begin making their selections for next year. Any special programs requiring an application must have the corresponding form filled out, and the teacher recommendation as well. There is a meeting tomorrow at lunch for any students interested in challenging Math 8. Please click here to go directly to the WGSS website with all the forms, guidebooks and more information.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: orchestre, test du gouvernement canadien, concours
  • mercredi- Pink Shirt Day
  • jeudi- Gr 7 Camp Jubilee Meeting à 7h00
  • vendredi- jour de congé

le 17 février

Mme Bottini from WGSS came to speak to our Gr 7s today, you should ask them about it!

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- demi jour, depart à 11:30
    • Concours à finir
  • mardi- Test du Gouvernement Canadian
  • mercredi- Pink Shirt Day
  • jeudi- 6h00 Gr 7 Camp Jubilee Meeting for parents
  • vendrei- Pro D Day

Thank you so much for your sweet emails, texts and conversations. I really appreciate it 🙂

le 16 février

I shared some news with the class today, you should ask them about it 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • demain- Orchestre, Enrichissement, Diner Chaud
  • lundi- Test du Gouvernement Canadien, demi jour
  • Maths- Mixed Numbers/Improper Fractions due lundi

le 15 février

Parkour was so much fun!!! The students really enjoyed their time today. Thank you so much to Langley Cheer and Athletics for having us! Also, thank you SO MUCH to the parents who came out to drive us there and back today, we couldn’t have gone without you!

Just a heads up about some events coming in the next week and bit:

  • vendredi- diner chaud
  • lundi-Gr 7 WGSS visit
    • Report Card Prep Half Day, 11:30am dismissal
  • mardi- Pink Shirt Day
  • jeudi- Gr 7 Camp Jubilee Meeting, 6pm in the library
  • vendredi- Pro D Day

I will, of course, continue to include these events in the posts 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • Maths- Mixed Numbers/Improper Fractions due demain
  • Concours continues all week
  • lundi-Gouvernment Canadien Test

le 14 février

Joyeuse St Valentin!

I hope you had a lovely Family Day weekend!

Today in celebration of VDay, our class participated in Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It! A fun game of different events to be completed as best as possible in 60 seconds. We of course finished with cookie face, and the students had a great time!

Tomorrow is our second outing of Parkour. Please remind your child to dress appropriately,  running shoes are a must, and comfy clothes to move around in. We have been once, so students should know their needs. As well, hair must be tied back, and no jewellery please. Thank you in advance to our parent drivers, we will see you at 11am tomorrow!

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: Education Physique, Parkour, Gr 7 Bball, Bibliotheque
  • jeudi- Maths (Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions)
  • Concours all week
  • Vendredi- diner chaud

le 10 février

What a week! Thank you all for your diligence and patience and we dealt with the craziness over the last week.

Next week will be busy, Monday is Family Day, Tuesday we begin our class concours, and we have our second Parkour trip on Wednesday.

Les Devoirs:

  • mardi- Concours commence, be prepared to present your speech to the class
    • Ski/SB pizza lunch
    • Orchestre
  • mercredi- Parkour
  • Livret de Planete/Etoile due ASAP
  • lundi le 20 Fev- Test de Sh (Gouvernement du Canada)

Have a wonderful Family Day weekend!