le 31 janvier

Grade 7 parents, just a reminder that the first camp deposit of $75 is due Friday, via cheque or online payment. If you are paying online, would you mind sending me a quick email so I can note it in my records. Thanks so much. Also, if you would like to pay both at the same time you may do so. Lastly, I have not received any parent supervisor forms for camp. We typically require a couple parents from each class to ensure we have enough. If you are able and interested, would you please fill out the form and return as soon as possible. Thanks!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Maths- Equiv Fractions
  • Inference Evaluation demain
  • Collab PM, depart à 1h30 demain
  • Ski/SB jeudi
  • Vendredi- Diner Chaud