le 30 novembre

Today we wrapped up our Concours du Rechauffement Climatique. I will be tallying the votes tonight and will reveal the gagnant tomorrow!

Any last ski/snowboard forms MUST be in tomorrow.

Today was our first “West Coast Recess”. Just a reminder that proper outerwear is necessary, possibly even a change of shoes while you’re outside. Students will not be allowed to call home for a change of clothes so be mindful of how wet/muddy you’re getting while outside.


le 29 novembre

Mrs Sollows announced today that “West Coast Recess” begin tomorrow. That means rain or shine we go outside for Recess. So make sure you are dressed for whatever weather we may encounter each day.

Giving Trees start today. Please come and take a tag from one of the trees in the foyer and return it with the gift under the tree. We are supporting 5 families this year!


le 24 novembre

Grade 7s got their hoodies today!!! We also recommend you find some way to put your child’s name inside somehow. There are over 100 hoodies around the school and without a name we don’t know who to return it to.nov24_1