le 21 septembre

The grade 6/7s sat through a very informative presentation from our school liaison officer, Constable Jojourra about cyberbullying, liability etc. He touched on some very important points about protecting ourselves when chatting with strangers, and not posting too much personal information, as predators are constantly making mosaics of their victims, constantly searching for all the pieces to the puzzle before they “pounce”. Also, he talked about liability around sending “private” photos via text/email etc. Sending, receiving and distributing photos of someone under the age of 12 in a compromising position is illegal and you can be charged.

Hopefully the students take away the valuable advice and counsel the Constable Jojourra shared with us. Students are also not permitted to take photos of others on school property. Nor should they take photos of anyone without that person’s consent.

Each student took home an envelope today filled with lots of information. There are 5 sheets (I believe) that need to be signed and returned. Please look over everything. Thanks.

Les Devoirs:

  • Meet the Teacher, demain 6-7pm
  • Examen de Dictee 1 vendredi
  • 6mes- page titre du cahier de Maths due demain