le 29 septembre

What a great week we had. Thank you so much to Div 2 for their hard work!

Les Devoirs:

  • demain- jour de congé
  • lundi-Quiz est/et
    • Education Physique
    • Maths- 7s: GCF
      • 6s: paquet avec des grands nombres

Have a great long weekend!

le 28 septembre

Today was our Terry Fox run. It was great to see so many of our class participating in the run. And what a beautiful day for it. I know so many families are affected by cancer in some way, and we can all be like Terry and help fund cancer research to make it history!

Bonne fete à Ethan, merci pour les yum yums!

Les Devoirs:

  • examen de Dictee 2
  • SN page titre et feuille Quel Temps Fait-Il?
  • Math: 7mes: 2 sheets about factors
    • 6mes- paquet des grands nombres
  • money for Terry Fox fundraiser
  • Vendredi- jour de congé

le 27 septembre

So grateful for our Orange Shirt Day assembly today. We were treated to some wonderful drumming and singing from some respected members of the aboriginal families in our area. Ky spoke wonderfully to the school about why Orange Shirt Day is important to him. We also were updated on Hattie and Chloe’s Attawapiskat fundraiser from last year. I 100% believe that “Every Child Matters” and that young people are the key the future.

pearsCheck out these beautiful pears we received today! As you know, JKE is participating in the BC Fruit and Vegetable program this year, and we started out with pears! They were delicious!! I LOVE how many students eagerly took a pear without hesitation, such a great reflection of healthy eating. I was also impressed as one student tried a pear for the first time and ate the whole thing! I eagerly anticipate the next delivery 🙂


  • Terry Fox Assembly and Run (be prepared!)
  • Education Physique et Bibliothèque
  • Math (6me et 7me) due
  • Grade 6 Immunization forms due demain


  • SN page titre due
  • Examen de Dictee 2

le 26 septembre

Hope you all had a good weekend! We have another very busy ahead of us.


  • Orchestre
  • Orange Shirt Day Assembly (wear orange!)


  • Terry Fox Assembly and Run (be prepared!)
  • Math due: 7mes- pg 29: 1, 2, 5, 6
    • 6mes- paquet de placement de valeur
  • Bibliothèque


  • page titre pour SN (La Terre et Son Climat) due
  • Examen de Dictee 1


  • jour de congé (pas d’école)

le 23 septembre

Les Devoirs:

  • still waiting on a couple Bienvenue package forms to be returned
  • Francais- quiz eau/au/ou au pluriel
  • 6mes-page titre du cahier de maths

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 22 septembre

Tonight, 6pm-7pm, is Meet the Teacher. Looking forward to seeing you and (hopefully) your child. I will have a list of things for your child to show/share with you. If your child can’t make it, no problem, everything is quite findable around the room, and it will be nice to make your acquaintance. Please remember that this is not an appropriate time to discuss your child and their progress or other sensitive topics. If you like, we can set up a one-on-one time to have that conversation.

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Examen de Dictee 1 demain
  • Bienvenue Envelope
  • paquet de français due demain
  • Quiz (eau/ou/au/ail) au pluriel lundi

Thanks to Victoria for bringing in yum yums to share today! Bonne fête!

le 21 septembre

The grade 6/7s sat through a very informative presentation from our school liaison officer, Constable Jojourra about cyberbullying, liability etc. He touched on some very important points about protecting ourselves when chatting with strangers, and not posting too much personal information, as predators are constantly making mosaics of their victims, constantly searching for all the pieces to the puzzle before they “pounce”. Also, he talked about liability around sending “private” photos via text/email etc. Sending, receiving and distributing photos of someone under the age of 12 in a compromising position is illegal and you can be charged.

Hopefully the students take away the valuable advice and counsel the Constable Jojourra shared with us. Students are also not permitted to take photos of others on school property. Nor should they take photos of anyone without that person’s consent.

Each student took home an envelope today filled with lots of information. There are 5 sheets (I believe) that need to be signed and returned. Please look over everything. Thanks.

Les Devoirs:

  • Meet the Teacher, demain 6-7pm
  • Examen de Dictee 1 vendredi
  • 6mes- page titre du cahier de Maths due demain

le 20 septembre

Another crazy day… Hoping our days settle down a bit. I guess I can’t complain too much, it’s only the 3rd week of school.

The Bienvenue Letter will for sure be going out tomorrow. We have had a schedule change that stalled the release of the letter.

Meet the Teacher is on Thursday, 6pm-7pm. See you then!

Les Devoirs:

  • Bibliothèque demain
  • 6mes- Maths- Comptons les Blocs et Mes Representations

le 19 septembre

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre et Photo Day demain
  • Gr 7 Girls Volleyball Practice 8am tomorrow
  • 7mes: Math- Finding Factors
    • Multiple Intelligences green packet due demain
  • 6mes- page titre du cahier de maths due jeudi

I didn’t get a chance to send home my Bienvenue letter today but I will have it for tomorrow. Thanks!